Digital Breakfast Calls to Support Companies in Adopting Digital Solutions

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I’m hosting free 1-2-1 consultation calls with entrepreneurs that were affected by the Coronavirus crisis and are looking to discuss more about adopting digital automation solutions. Learn more inside!

I’ve kept thinking, for the last few weeks, how I could pay my part during this period of time; how I could give back to the business community and support it.

We are all currently going through challenging times. As the world is coming together to support each other, I would love to use my skills and experience for a good cause.

I know I’m good at business analysis and I think I found a interesting way to give back from my knowledge.

To that extent, I will host a series of free of charge, one-to-one morning calls with anyone who has concerns about adopting digital solutions and wants to address these.

📆 Monday to Friday

⏰ at 8 am or 10 am UTC +1

Over the last 10 years, my focus has been centered around proposing technical strategies and developing digital products for remarkable clients including Hawkins Brown, Atkins, Societe Generale European Business and many startups.

Join me to dive deep into understanding your current business situation and touch base on the following:

  • addressing any questions and concerns you might have, to help identify the root cause of your current technology issues / challenges
  • auditing your processes to see if adapting digital solutions is a good idea right now
  • discussing if automation can help you become more efficient
  • discussing how digitization can help you serve your customers better
  • or any other pressing topic for you and your business

As a result, I hope you will get a good starting point in understanding how to use technology in your favour and prepare your business for the future.

Feel free to book a spot here:

If you can’t make the proposed times, just contact me on LinkedIn to arrange an alternative time that’s more suitable for you.

Being free, I would normally say the coffee is on you 😆, but given the circumstances, we’ll all have to bring our own. ☕️

I’m looking forward to meeting you and please spread the word and share this with someone who might need it.

Thank you and stay safe!



Alex Faur

Co-founder and CTO at Fabrit Global, Alex’s mission is to help as many companies as possible acknowledge the need of adopting digital solutions and automation, in order to implement the best resolution for their business’ future.

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