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1 k prototype campaign

Aberdeen, UK [8 October 2020] – Fabrit Global announces the launch of their “1 K Prototype” campaign, aiming to help affected businesses recover from the economic and social restrictions.

During the last few months, a lot of businesses were severely affected by the social distancing rules, which ultimately lead to economic recession in various industries.

In the UK, small and medium businesses represent 50% of the total revenue generated and around 44% of the labour force. These are concerning numbers and actions should be taken in order to help the economic recovery.

As a response to the immediate need of action, Fabrit Global is giving a hand to small businesses that could benefit from quickly adopting digital solutions.

I always say that machines execute while humans create. Technology is helping us save time and innovate, to find solutions for current challenges. Now, more than ever, we need to come together for a simple idea: change mindsets, business models, improve productivity and help affected industries. ” says Alex Faur, co-founder and lead business analyst at Fabrit Global.  “For the last few months, my business partner and I kept thinking of ways we could help businesses recover from this situation. We have started with a Digital Breakfast, talking with multiple businesses about their concerns about adopting digital solutions and want to address these. Later, we have decided we can do even more, so we offer our full software development and technical consultancy services at affordable costs, for those who want to test with a prototype if digital solutions can save their business or make an impact onto affected industries during these tough times.” he continued.

The campaign is addressed to small businesses, solopreneurs, consultants or new entrepreneurs who look to launch a new idea. The spots for the opportunity are limited, based on Fabrit Global’s limited availability. Consultants and entrepreneurs who apply and get selected, will benefit from the agency’s full resources and knowledge, which will ultimately materialise into a functional digital prototype, to help them test the idea into their markets.

Interested parties can apply by Friday, 30st October, 23:59 UTC by filling in the application form found on this page: 

The research and development process is limited to one month, according to the terms and conditions of the campaign, but a longer partnership can be established if needed.

Further terms and conditions apply, which can be found onto the campaign’s website.

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Fabrit Global is a start-to-end software agency, born in Aberdeen, UK, with offices in London and Cluj-Napoca – the Eastern European IT Hub. Their main goal is to help companies drive innovation and growth with the help of custom software solutions. With a team of over 30 developers, designers and business analysts, they have worked with start-ups and corporations from oil & gas, fintech, construction and engineering industries. For further news and information about Fabrit Global, visit

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