How a Digital Transformation Solution in AEC Can Reduce Designers’​ Dead Time Up to 70%

digital tansformation solution reduce time

Digital automation solutions can reduce dead time up to 70%. One of our clients got significant efficiency improvements after adopting a digital transformation soltuion. Read more about it inside!

We live in an era when companies can’t exclude technology out of their lives anymore. Technology is part of our progress nowadays and we need to make sure we stay up to it. 

Dead time brought by manual processes can be a real productivity killer, leading to lower efficiency and higher costs.

We all had to deal with it at a certain point, or maybe we’re facing it on a daily basis. One thing is for sure: dead time must be reduced or eliminated.

An innovative digital solution will reduce the time allocated for manual processes up to 70% – sometimes even more.

Leaders in AEC industry are constantly looking for new ways to increase productivity, efficiency and reduce costs.

Dead time must be reduced or eliminated.

Architectural projects are pushing the limits of imagination today and designing an impressive building in a matter of days is becoming the norm. Automation solutions support architects in their day-to-day job, by minimizing their dead-time and increasing productivity.

Formwork Automation that Reduces Time and Increases Competitive Advantage

For example, a major time-killer in the AEC industry is the process of manually paneling aluminium formwork Revit models of large buildings.

A designer can spend weeks manually adding these aluminium panels in Revit, following the same static design rules. With the help of a custom-made Revit plug-in, the time for this process can be reduced up to 70%. 

Even though the automation took a large amount of manual work off architects’ shoulders, they still have the freedom to manually adjust any custom paneling the building needs. 

Handy Revit Enhancements

Another great example is how a London-based architecture company chose to use automation to develop an insightful briefing tool. 

We developed a web app that serves as a virtual assistant when it comes to generate briefs easily and with an appealing layout.

The briefing tool compares, analyses and generates briefs based on historical projects data. Developing this tool brought significantly improved customer satisfaction due to process and speed improvement. 

Revit Add-ins and Briefing tools

Sometimes, a small Revit improvement, such as a customization and shareable toolbar manager can save a lot of time for a large architectural company. 

With this functionality, architects can add and share an in-house built Revit functionality with their colleagues. Updating the Revit toolbar for the entire team is done by pressing a button, eliminating the need for a designated person to manually update each computer with the new functionalities.

Another improvement a digital transformation solution can bring to AEC companies is the ability to connect Revit models with powerful visualization tools like PowerBi or Kibana and ElasticSearch. Errors, bottlenecks and productivity can be evaluated at a glimpse through beautiful and comprehensive reports.

Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset

All in all, custom-made Revit enhancements and automation help companies gain significant competitive advantage, save more time and money, which ultimately leads to happier customers and more efficient employees.

And in the end, that what each company dreams about, right?

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Alex Faur

Co-founder and CTO at Fabrit Global, Alex’s mission is to help as many companies as possible acknowledge the need of adopting digital solutions and automation, in order to implement the best resolution for their business’ future.

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